The exhibition includes work by 16 students from the Czech calligraphic school IROHA led by Petra Vitásková; by the Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator Zdeněk Sklenář (1910 - 1986); and by three artists from HATAI, the Japanese calligraphy association.

The calligraphic style ‘hatai-sho’, which literally translates as ‘destruction of writing’, is a highly creative and individualistic expression of the traditional Asian art. It originates in the ancient pictographic writing of Japanese characters after they were introduced to Japan from China in the 6th century, and their formal reduction as a complex shape.

The authors of calligraphy work with Japanese characters both in traditional and free styles. Content of their pictorial expressions include words, poems and Japanese proverbs. The calligraphy is stylistically displayed in scrolls or mounted in the traditional way, either on boards or framed. Some works are directly created on solid paper.

Simultaneously with the Prague exhibition, an exhibition of Czech calligraphy takes place in the Tokyo Czech Centre gallery at the Czech Embassy in Tokyo. This year’s exhibition not only serves as a unique presentation of a specific genre of Czech culture, but also contributes to a successful further collaboration of calligraphy artists in both countries.



Palác Adria, 1st floor

31 Jungmannova Street, Prague 1


The exhibition will take place until the 28thof July


Further information can be found at: Webpage is in Czech.