Carnival Parade

The parade of masks is a traditional part of the carnival. Our ancestors were very fond of this tradition. At the time, the bear-leader with the bear was an essential part of the parade. Masks in the parade included all sorts of animals, clowns, vagabonds, devils, witches, sorcerers, reaper, and various monsters. Representatives of various trades such as butchers, barbers, tinkers, bakers, as well as the herbalist and the executioner also took part in the parade.

On Sunday, the 16th of February 2020, the parade activities will start with an art workshop for children in the morning, where they can make an interesting mask. In the afternoon, the parade will set out on its way through the chateau grounds, along with the Vševiláci theatre group, enriched with theatrical scenes, games and dancing. There will also be music: the accordionist Franta Albrecht will play throughout the event and at the end the Prague Funfair Orchestra (Pražský pouťový orchestr) will play their music that perfectly suits the occasion.


Praise of the butcher's guild

The carnival is traditionally associated with the butcher’s guild. The pig slaughter feast will, therefore, be a part of the carnival. In addition to a demonstration of butcher's craft, cutting pigs and making sausages called ‘jitrnice’, various other traditional pork delicacies such as ‘jelítka’, ‘tlačenka’, ‘prejt’ and ‘prdelačka’ soup that inherently belong to the ‘Masopust’ carnival will be prepared and served.

And those who do not appreciate meat dishes can try freshly baked donuts, pancakes, gingerbread, roasted almonds, and various traditional Czech cakes. Beer, hot apple juice, and mead will also be served. Come to feast, drink, make traditional masks or just enjoy the live music.

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