Losers and their work

The week-long event will be launched on Friday, the 17th of May by the Losers Cirque Company, which has prepared a selection of their work to date. Their fans will have the opportunity to experience the Losers’ first performance, also called ‘The Loser(s)’,once again. ’Walls & Handbags’, a dance acrobatic spectacle which has been popular for several years, will also be part of the evening’s programme. The performance is about a young boy and five men who return to the backyard behind the wall to re-live their childhood fantasies.


Between music and acrobatics

There is more than new circus at the festival. On other evenings, festival goers will enjoy performances by Vojta Dyk, the vocal group Skety, and others. EnDru–the vice world champion in looping and double Czech beatboxing champion, the winner of 1st European Marathon beatbox battle and the winner of several others music awards – will also be playing with Losers. Together with other artists and musicians, he will show his incredible improvisation skills at Vyšehrad. For the evening performances, these artists will combine singing with beatbox, dance, acrobatics, light design and animation.


Barta will perform with EnDru

Klára Vytisková, also known as Klara & The Pop, will also show her art, combining music and acrobatics. The themes of her concert will be home, family and childhood, which are also the themes of her last album, called ‘Home’.

The festival will conclude with the legendary Dan Bárta, who will perform with EnDru. Members of Losers Cirque Company will also join this special performance, where sound and lights play a main role, and which will celebrate the unique combination of music, word and acrobatics, which is the main idea of the whole project.


For more information about the festival, please visit: www.losersopenair.cz  – the webpage is in Czech.



17/05/19 at 8:30pm: Opening - Losers Cirque Company

18/05/19 at 8:30pm: Losers Cirque Company: ‘Walls & Handbags’

19/05/19 at 8:30pm: Skety & EnDru & Losers Cirque Company

20/05/19 at 8:30: Losers Cirque Company: ‘The Loser(s)’

21/05/19 at 8:30pm: VojtěchDyk & EnDru & Jen & Losers Cirque Company

22/05/19 at 8:30pm Klara & The Pop & Losers Cirque Company

23/05/19 at 8:30om Dan Bárta & EnDru & Jen & Losers Cirque Company




Venue: Letní scéna Vyšehrad (Vyšehrad Summer Scene)

Tickets: CZK 490 - 590

The performances take place in all weather. If it rains, visitors will get raincoats. In cold weather, it will be possible to borrow a blanket for CZK 20.