Right in the city centre, behind Stavovské divadlo (The Estates Theatre) on Ovocný trh, until the end of January, you will find a wonderful 14 x 30 metre ice rink. The opening hours are 10am to 9pm. Weekends here are packed with free events, music and competitions, and with skating gear available for rent.

Na Františku, a newer ice rink close to the hospital of the same name, has been gaining popularity every year since it opened.  This rink is larger than the one in Ovocný trh and offers ample space on 40x20 metres of ice to glide and skate to your heart’s content. Na Františku, too, is open every day of the week and depending on weather, the rink can stay open until mid-March. Skate rental and skate sharpening facilities are on offer as well.

For lovers of urbanistic skating there is also a rink directly at the base of Žižkov tower.

Karlín for school lessons and the public also

This year, for the second time, Karlín barracks, a space that rose from the ashes, hosts a beautiful ice rink offering a wide spectrum of cultural and sport-based activities. Skating begins On the 17th of December. Mornings are reserved for schools, but Karlín opens its doors to the public from 1pm on weekdays and every weekend.

If you would like to try some other rinks in Prague 8, the outdoor pool Ládví and the primary school Glowackého are just the ticket.

The Frozen Market

Dejvice isn’t left behind either. From the 20th of December, the farmers market seen all summer transforms into an 18x25 meter free ice rink, open every day between 9am and 9pm

The shopping centres offer public skating rinks also. There are, for example, rinks before Arkády Pankrác, in Galerie Harfa, in Černý most and, for the first time this year, in OC Šestka.


Of course, for a fee, stadiums such as Ice Aréna Letňany, Icerink Strašnice, Nikolajka, Novodvorská, and the facilities they offer are available to you. ZŠ Hvězda stadium in Prague 6 offers skating lessons, with special classes for seniors on Tuesdays.

Ponds and the River

If you want to experience the beautiful natural ice of Prague, look no further than Prague’s own ponds and river. If the winter is cold and the water frozen, the people of Prague smooth the banks of the ponds and decorate the centres with ice hockey nets. Ponds Hamerský potok in Záběhlice, Džbán, or Milíčovský potok are just a few such places. Skating is popular also on stream Kunratický potok or on dam Hostivař. For enthusiasts, there is the river Vltava. One can skate either an oxbow lake in Stromovka, called also Malá říčka (Little River), in the dock under Vyšehrad, or in Holešovice.

History of skating

Findings of the first bone skates date back thousands of years BC. The oldest metal skates, dating from the beginning of the Christian calendar, were found in Hungary at Balaton, but they have spread since the 14th century in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

The skates were attached to the boots with the help of straps and people skated with the support of the poles. In 1848, all-metal skates were manufactured, which were attached to the boots from the sides by screw clamps on the loop. From there, there was only a step to the skates, as we know today ...


Prague, various places

Etrance for outdoor rinks is mostly free, indoor stadiums are 50 – 100 CZK

Rental of skates is from 50 CZK


For more information please visit:  www.verejne-brusleni.info