Čajomír Fest is truly unique event, with no similar tea festivals in Europe. Tea lovers will have the opportunity to taste an inexhaustible variety of teas and get acquainted with their preparation, both modern and traditional.

Tea everywhere

Herbal teas from St. John's wort collected during the full moon, Mae Salong red tea from Thailand, Taiwanese Oolong, Dhara White, Guayusa, cocoa tea, Hong cha tea and many other and kinds of  teas and infusions, both well and lesser known, will be available at Vyšehrad. Tea masters will teach you how to properly prepare and serve this delicious drink, which can also have great health benefits.

Dozens of experts will be offering teas prepared in traditional ways, each with their own story.

Open-air stage

Meditative music and wild dancing will take place on an open-air stage in the middle of the market. Acoustic concerts, performances with original instruments, interesting dance performances and demonstrations of relaxation exercises and martial arts will all be on the programme.

Children's area

As Čajomír Fest is a family festival, organisers have prepared a children’s area where children can play, relax, paint and create. And if you fancy drinking tea with your children, you can bring your own picnic blanket and prepare it together.

For further information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/554477848740811.