Basic orientation in Prague

All cyclists can make use of the website Cycling in Prague. Through this website, the City of Prague publishes news and useful information about cycling in the capital. The website also includes two practical maps – Prague Cycle Route System and the dynamic Cycle Map of Prague. A printed cycling map is available for free at Prague City Hall in Mariánské Square.

Precious information sources

Cyclists can also make use of the independent information website or the server, which amongst other things contains an extensive list of cycle routes and their detailed description. Also two initiatives focus on cycling in Prague - Cyklojízda and Auto*Mat, which with great fervour support this type of transport. General information is also available e.g. at the server

Services for cyclists

In the capital, there is no shortage of services that a cyclist might need if caught in an unfortunate situation. Most cycle maps indicate repair centres, rentals and places where cyclists can safely leave their bikes. One of the newest services is the so called Bike and Ride, where cyclists can leave their bikes at P and R car parks situated on the outskirts of Prague in close proximity to public transport and they can do so for free. It is possible to Transport bikes in public transport but it is restricted for safety reasons. It is therefore necessary to find out, which means of transport will be the most convenient for a bike.

Instruction on how to cycle in Prague

Cycling in Prague is not easy and one needs to know a number of official as well as unofficial rules. Here you can find how to correctly and considerately cycle in the capital. Visitors to Prague City Hall can also see the 14 panel exhibition Cycling in Prague, aimed not only at cyclists but also at drivers, pedestrians, skaters and others. It does not provide a one-sided view on traffic problems, on the contrary, it takes into consideration different points of view from all the participants to the traffic in Prague.

Note: Some of the links are available only in Czech.