Instrumental music chosen by PPTC’s employees has been resounding in the metro all day long. “If passengers are satisfied with this, the project will continue,” said the PPTC’s Director Jaroslav Ďuriš.

Inspiration from abroad

The project was initiated by the Mayor of Prague Tomáš Hudeček. “I have come across music in the underground during my trips to other European metropolises and for me, it has been very pleasant. I believe that Praguers will also like it,” said Hudeček.  The project builds on the Tuning up Prague campaign, which was launched in spring and its objective is to humanize public square.

Six-month trial

“For the upcoming six months, music will play on trial in Můstek A underground. During a working day, approximately 92 000 people pass through that place. We will see what their responses are,” said Tomáš Hudeček. The City of Prague’s Councillor Jiří Pařízek confirms it: “Musical production is a part of the metro operation in many European cities. We are going to test this pilot project and then we will decide whether we will implement it in other stations too.”

Music in Metro continues

Another interesting project in the metro is called Music in Metro. “The fact that we will play music in other stations does not mean that we will cancel the popular Music in Metro project,“ said the PPTC’s Director J. Ďuriš. Passengers thus can look forward to more musical productions by young artists in the metro.

Other projects kept secret

Neither the Mayor of Prague nor the PPTC’s Director wanted to reveal other projects that should make travelling in Prague public transport more pleasant. “It will be a nice surprise” said J. Ďuriš. He added that PPTC have not forgotten the project in which the last carriage of a metro train serves as a space for meeting new people. However, some foreign media have interpreted this idea as a space for sex. “When we launch that project, do not forget to have a valid ticket,” said J. Ďuriš.