The Jewish Museum in Prague was founded 114 years ago with the aim of keeping the public informed about unique Jewish artefacts. The museum is the most complex institution of its kind in the European Union. It manages four historical synagogues, the Ceremonial Hall with a unique exhibition, the Old Jewish Cemetery, a gallery, several storage areas, archives, a library and multimedia centre, conservation and restoration studios, and an educational and cultural centre.


The Jewish Museum in Prague Tour

The Jewish Museum in Prague Tour brings visitors to the well-known Old Jewish Cemetery from the 15th century, where the oldest preserved gravestone in the cemetery, Avigdor Kara’s tombstone, is located, as well as the important Talmudic scholar and philosopher Rabbi Loew’s tombstone. Visits to permanent exhibitions about Jewish history and traditions in the Maisel and Klausen Synagogues and the Ceremonial Hall, as well as the Memorial to the Victims of the Shoah in the Pinkas Synagogue and an art exhibition at the Robert Guttmann Gallery are also part of the tour.

The Jewish Museum’s Library and Multimedia Centre will also reopen to the public, as well as its research room in Smíchov and its Shoah Documentation Department. The museum is open from Sunday to Friday.


Old New Synagogue

‘The Prague Jewish Town Tour’ also includes the Old New Synagogue, managed by the Jewish community in Prague. However, it will not reopen until the 25th of May.

The beautiful sacral monument is one of the oldest and most valuable Jewish monuments worldwide. It has continuously served its purpose since the thirteenth century, except for during the Second World War.


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